Explore the Parks of Elk Grove

Elk Grove is bursting with parks that are unlike any others you have seen before. Featuring 97 parks in the city from barnyard themed to ocean themed, you’ll be sure to find a park perfect for your little ones and everyone in your family to run around at. Here’s a list of some of the locals’ favorite parks in Elk Grove.

Elk Grove Regional Park is a sprawling area covering over 122 acres. This park has access to 1.4 miles of a multi-use trail, perfect for jogging or walking around the park; picnic areas; softball and baseball fields; horseshoe pits; dog park; playground; volleyball pit; scenic lake with fishing; and a bike park. This park really has it all!

Derr-Okamoto Park features a basketball court, playground, picnic area, walking track, soccer fields, a skate park, and a spray-ground – a great place for kids to runaround and cool off with this interactive water feature.

Miwok Park is another great park location in Elk Grove. This 6.2-acre park features a multipurpose field, picnic areas, tennis courts, and two playgrounds designed for ages 2 – 5 and 5 – 12, respectively.

Horseshoe Park really lets kids “horse around”! This horse themed park features climbable horseshoes and horse statues making that cowboy or cowgirl in your life yell “yee-haw”. The park has two playgrounds, one designed for children ages 2 – 5 and another for ages 5 – 12, complete with picnic tables and a field, great for picnics.

Machado Dairy Park is 10 acres of fun! Kids can enjoy a barn-shaped playground and barnyard animal teeter-totters. It is sure to be a favorite of your little animal lover! The park also features an adult fitness area, picnic areas and a multipurpose field.

Island Park will take you under the sea with this island themed park. The 2.3-acre park features a playground, shaded area, picnic tables, and adult fitness area.

Backer Park is one of the larger parks in Elk Grove and another great location to get out and play. This 10.2-acre park features baseball fields, basketball courts, tennis courts, shaded picnic area, access to trail, a fish themed play structure, and a spray-ground to cool you off on those hot summer days.

Backer Park in Elk Grove, CA

Which park are you most excited to visit? We look forward to playing with you in Elk Grove!  Click here for a full list of all 97 parks.


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