Release Room

Team Wellness Live was created to bring awareness to mental health in our communities. Mental health has many forms and can be as diverse as people. The Release Room was created to offer a safe place for people to release or physically express stress anger or pain. Although those are not the only reason to smash, it’s also a great way to burn energy, work muscles and burn lots of calories, it’s fun too!

Team Wellness Live is owned and operated by two individuals from the educational sector with a vast understanding of mental health and the techniques needed to improve mental health. Devyn and Raynisha have been married for 15 years. Devyn of Team Wellness Live holds a master’s degree in counseling. Raynisha holds a bachelor’s in teaching with a credential, also pursuing a Master’s in Psychology. Team Wellness Live offers individual, family, marriage and grief counseling. Team Wellness Live also offers training in cultural competency, trauma informed care and suicide prevention. It’s never too late to strengthen your mental health.

“No one should suffer alone.”

Release to Peace


9864 Dino Drive, #9




September 25, 2021