Unexpected Outdoor Spaces in Elk Grove

Get ready to play in the great outdoors of Elk Grove! Explore dozens of parks, wetlands, wildlife, trails, golf courses and much more. Here’s a list of some of the wonderfully unexpected outdoor spaces in Elk Grove.

Elk Grove Regional Park
One of Elk Grove’s biggest treasures is Elk Grove Regional Park – the City’s largest regional park. Enjoy 122 acres of recreation and culture. The park is home to softball, baseball and soccer fields, as well as a large dog park, horseshoe and volleyball courts and a swim center. There are also trails, a scenic lake for fishing, several picnic areas and even spots for concerts, events and meetings. There really is so much to uncover here.

Bike Park in Elk Grove

Elk Grove Bike Park
Calling all riders! One of the coolest spots at Elk Grove Regional Park is the Elk Grove Bike Park. Explore the 2.4-acre bike park, which has three jump lines, three pump tracks, and one flow trail. From amateurs to professional riders, there is something for everyone to uncover. The bike park also hosts local BMX jump competitions.

Laguna Creek Parkway
If you’re looking for a peaceful retreat, make your way to Laguna Creek Parkway. The 13-mile waterway featuring wetlands, open space, walking and riding trails, fishing and birdwatching spots. Explore Laguna Creek Trail, which features two miles of paved, off-street trails for biking, running, horseback riding or just a leisurely stroll. You may even get to see beaver dams and of course a beaver.

Stone Lakes Refuge
Stone Lakes Refuge is one of Elk Grove’s best unexpected experiences. The narrow stretch of floodplain is located on the western edge of Elk Grove and was recently dedicated as a National Wildlife Refuge comprised of 3,000 acres along the Pacific Flyway. Home to more than 200 species of birds and numerous fish and wildlife species –the refuge offers a variety of wildlife-related activities, including wildlife observation, hiking and photography. Come take a stroll and see some of the neighboring feathered friends of Elk Grove.

Ducks in Stone Lakes Refuge

Cosumnes River Preserve
The Cosumnes River Preserve located on the southern edge of Elk Grove is a riparian habitat running along the Cosumnes River. The preserve consists of over 50,000 acres of wildlife habitat and is home to more than 250 bird species, over 40 fish species, and more than 400 plant species. You can hike, paddle, nature watch, hunt, fish and much more.

Rain Garden Plaza
One of Elk Grove’s most beautiful outdoor spaces is the Rain Garden Plaza. It’s also the first comprehensive large-scale rain garden in California. The beautiful, serene open space with gardens brings in a variety of wildlife while educating visitors about the conservation of natural resources. While you’re here, be sure to check out the local artwork around the plaza.

Are you ready to uncover the great outdoors of Elk Grove? We look forward to welcoming you to the heart of California!


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September 25, 2021